Coming Events for Fall 2017!

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It’s Christmas Eve and the Partridge family can’t wait to fly south for the holidays…that is, until they find themselves snowed in at the airport! Poor Jenny Partridge is forced to endure more than the usual family torture: a mother who can’t cook to save her life; an embarrassing dad who thinks he is James Bond; and an annoying little brother whose sole goal in life is to drive everyone crazy; love-struck Kevin Schneider, the boy who has been writing love poems to her since kindergarten; an overzealous but lovable security guard; a grouchy old airline manager; and Kevin’s, who is determined to Martha Stewart-ize the entire airport – and everyone in it! But somewhere along the way, Jenny discovers that Christmas isn’t about where you are: it’s about the people you’re with. Starring Kevin Kite, Tina Switzer, Claire Switzer, Lily Robisch, CJ Zitzer, Brandi Prudham, Dave Switzer, Alison Coltrane and Bernie Miller


…and looking forward to 2018…

Comedy Tonight 2 – February 23 to March 4
Pirate Island – April 20 to April 29
Festival of Spring – May 5
Batter Up! – May 18 to May 20
On The Air Radio Hour – June 22 to June 24
Summer Musical (title TBA) – August 3 to August 12
Julia Verba and The Eleven Dollar Hats– November
Christmas at the Trackside – November 30 to December 9