Audition for Murder

Thank you for your interest in try outs for Roundhouse Players’ Fall 2016 production of Audition for Murder, a Grace & Doris Mystery.

Auditions will be held on June 8 & 9 at 7:00 PM and will consist of reading scenes from the script.

Grace and Doris (both roles are pre-cast) are at it again with another cast of oddball characters. This time they have an accident on a deserted stretch of icy road. Shaken up, but not hurt, they seek help in an isolated building which turns out to be a community theatre. They arrive just in time for Audition for Murder.

We are seeking teens and adults ages 16 and older for the following roles:

Susan Benson Oldest of the four Benson siblings. A walk-on character. She can easily be doubled with Bernice; but if she is, her face should not be recognizable from the audience.

Hap Miller Older and very active. A hard-of-hearing womanizer. He is uncle to Susan, Tom, Rhonda, and Helen, a brother and three sisters.

Rhonda Benson-Squash Recently divorced and bitter. Younger than Susan and Tom.

Margo Benson Stevens Niece to Susan, Rhonda, Helen and Tom. A fast talker, but intelligent and more attractive than she looks and dresses.

Peter Grogan Indolent and a smart-ass, but sexy and capable of being sincere. Helen’s stepson.

Tom Benson Arrogant and ironic. Younger than Susan and older than Rhonda and Helen.

Helen Benson-Grogan Self-centered and vain. She dresses well, and is the youngest of the Benson siblings.

Rory Toppman Pompous and self-important. A local police officer.

Bernice Sharp-Squash Looks younger than her age. Stylish and sophisticated. Grace’s considerably younger half-sister.