The Locker Next 2 Mine

Presented by BRYT Teens!
Written by Jonathan Dorf
Directed by Lisa Aleshire

April 4 through 13, 2014

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Locker Classroom

Locker Fight

Locker Lunch Dalton

Locker Marne Emilie

Locker Maya Sebass

Locker Office

Locker Rach Joseph

Locker Travis

Joseph Freak Out

Joseph Hannah

Locker Cast

Locker Class Emilie

Chris Marston
Christie Snow
Derek Vaughn
Emilie Miranda
Haley Dewey
Hannah Blanchette
Joseph Grendahl
Josh Newman
Kelly Currle
Kelsey Vaughn
Kiah Whitaker
Lauren DeStefani
Mary Lee Clark
Maya Orenic
Rachel Aleshire
Savannah Campbell
Sebatian Broyles
Travis McCoy



The Locker Next 2 Mine follows Alisa, a mid-year transfer in her junior year of high school. Her locker is next to this sprawling shrine for female lacrosse player who died in an auto accident. While the popular “M Squad” leads a school that is in a state of non-stop remembrance for Beth, Alisa is just trying to eke out enough space to get to her books. But her efforts to find breathing room lead her to discover that there was another loss that no one is talking about and it’s left many of the school’s students trying to pick up their pieces on their own. When she connects with Brady, a former student TV reporter who infamously had a meltdown in the middle of a broadcast, can they help the community take its first steps toward healing?
Presented through special arrangement with YouthPLAYS.

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